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Knowing, Not Guessing, In Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Locating a tumor in a gland no larger than a walnut isn’t always easy. VCU Medical Center is the only site in Virginia, and one of the few in the United Sates, using all the latest diagnostic MR imaging techniques.  When a PSA test indicates that cancer may be present, traditional procedures may be unsuccessful in locating the tumor.  Appropriate treatment for prostate cancer is based on knowing the accurate staging of the tumor.  At VCU Medical Center during a non-invasive 45-minute examination, we will perform multiple advanced imaging techniques, which when evaluated together, can successfully detect and locate prostate cancer in greater than 90% of patients.

What makes us different? why consider vcu?

  • Specialists:  We are abdominal imaging specialists with more than 10 years of experience in prostate MRI. Unlike general radiologists, our team is focused on prostate MR imaging and MR guided biopsies.
  • Leading Edge: Many patients come to VCU Medical Center for MR imaging of the prostate and MR guided biopsies from all over the country.
  • Convenience: Most appointments for MR imaging are scheduled in just two weeks at our convenient Stony Point Imaging Center.
  • Success: Initial TRUS biopsies are negative an estimated 66% of the time.  Repeat biopsies only have detection yield of 15 to 20%. MR imaging and MR guided biopsies increase biopsy yield in up to 60% of patients.
  • Comprehensive: Our prostate MR imaging includes multiple techniques using the most advanced technology and equipment for optimal detection.

learn more about patients we have helped and if vcu prostate imaging is right for you

To arrange an appointment for an MR of the Prostate please call 804-628-9810. To speak with our Prostate Nurse Coordinator in regards to other prostate offerings please call 804-827-2038.

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