Residency Program

Prospective Residents

Radiology and nuclear medicine are two of the most exciting specialties in medicine today. Our ability to look into the human body has revolutionized modern medicine. Advances in computed tomography, MRI, ultrasound, PET, SPECT, interventional radiology, digital imaging and computer manipulation of diagnostic image continue to improve the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment of our patients. Marked advances in interventional techniques and radionuclide therapies are providing safer and more cost-effective treatment.

As a potential resident, it is your task to determine what type of program will best suit your needs. We at VCU Health suggest you evaluate residency programs on the following criteria to help you determine which program is best for you:

  • Patient population and diversity.
  • Quality of faculty.
  • Available technology.
  • Didactic teaching.
  • Past resident performance.
  • Residency structure.
  • Geography.
  • Salary and benefits.
  • Research programs.

We welcome you to explore our Radiology Residency Program. If you have any additional questions, please contact:


Kimberly Christman
Residency Coordinator, Diagnostic Radiology
Main Hospital, Room 3-406
Phone: (804) 828-3524
Fax: (804) 628-2015


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