Radiology Research Services

The VCU Department of Radiology collaborates with various departments on patient diagnosis and treatment by providing ancillary services for research projects. From chest radiographs (x-rays) to bone scans, from computed tomography (CT) to single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) scanning and everything in between, we’re here to provide these valuable services.

Radiology services and fees vary and they are determined on a case-by-case basis. Successful implementation of research protocols is dependent on involving the VCU Department of Radiology early in the planning process.  We assist researchers needing use of our facilities, technology and professional expertise. Our department will also provide logistics, planning and protocol set up for the radiology services.

Getting Started

REDcap Application

Submit a Request for VCU Health System Clinical, Nursing, and Ancillary Support Request Form, located in the REDcap application. For radiology services, select "Radiology" from the list of Ancillary Services. After completing the online form, upload the Study Protocol, Informed Consent/Assent Document(s), Coverage Analysis, Lab Manual and other study documents that are part of your project.

Once the request is submitted, an email will automatically generate and sent to the research team.

A Pricing Proposal will be sent to you via email.

The Principal Investigator (or her/his designee) signs and returns the Pricing Proposal to the VCU Department of Radiology via the REDcap application.

Access the Ancillary Support Request Form

Image Resource Center

The VCU Department of Radiology Image Resource Center (IRC) fulfills research imaging and anonymization requests.

For in-house requests, please call calling (804) 828-3543 or fax (804) 828-5427 to obtain an in-house radiology request form.

Completed forms may be forwarded via fax (804) 828-5427. Time to process depends on the number of patient records requested.

Questions About Radiology Research Services

Contact our department if you are interested in working with our radiologists and technologists.