Message from Mary Ann Turner, M.D.

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Message from Mary Ann Turner, M.D.

I am so humbled and truly honored to have the Departmental Alumni Society named for me. I have had the good fortune to have a long career in Radiology, which I have loved, and have helped train hundreds of residents and fellows over the years. It has been such a joy to get to know them and watch them progress through the uncertainties of the first year to becoming confident and accomplished radiologists. I am so proud of all of them! It is also such a pleasure to catch up with our alumni, who are scattered all over the country, and have taken all kinds of different career paths. I am very excited that, like other major academic centers, VCU Radiology now has a designated Alumni Society, with the goal of promoting strong ongoing relationships between the Department, the residents and the alumni, and enhancing resident education. I am truly grateful and deeply honored to have the Alumni Society carry my name.


The Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society, a VCU Department of Radiology Alumni Society, honors the 48-year career of Mary Ann Turner, M.D., and engages radiology alumni in the education of residents at VCU

The Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society, a VCU Department of Radiology Alumni Society, honors the 48-year career of Mary Ann Turner, M.D., longtime faculty member and outstanding teacher, and exists to engage alumni in the advancement of radiology education at VCU.  The establishment of the Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society not only honors Dr. Turner, but also seeks to  engage and support current residents through connection with alumni, former fellows, and former faculty; each of whom shares in our Department’s traditions and history.

Purpose and Goals

Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society to foster relationships and support radiology education

The purpose of the Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society is to foster connections and a culture of philanthropy, which recognizes the selfless service of Dr. Turner. The Society will support and empower VCU Radiology residents towards academic and professional success through annual giving, events, and mentorship.

The goals of the Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society are to create a strong community of current and former residents, fellows, and faculty members dedicated to supporting our residents and continue development of the educational mission of the VCU Department of Radiology.

A Society that Connects Radiology Residents with Alumni

About Mary Ann Turner, M.D.

Dr. Mary Ann Turner, a Longstanding Educator and Mentor

Dr. Turner serves as Professor of Radiology, Vice-Chair of Faculty, and Director of Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Radiology in our Department. She was the first female faculty member in the VCU Department of Radiology and the first woman to practice radiology in central Virginia. As one of the longest-serving faculty members in the history of our Department, she has made many contributions to our Department, the VCU Health System, and the profession of radiology from the local to the national level.

Since 1975, Dr. Turner has shared her expansive fund of knowledge of abdominal imaging with hundreds of radiology residents and fellows, both at the workstation and in the procedure rooms. Although well known to our alumni and current residents, her teaching prowess has been recognized with the Departmental Klaus Ranniger Memorial Award for Excellence in Resident Teaching multiple times over the years. She also received the School of Medicine Irby James Award for Teaching Excellence in 2013, and her teaching and many contributions to abdominal radiology were recognized on a national level in 2011 when she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Abdominal Radiology.