VCU Radiology Reunion Weekend Recap

Highlights from the 2023 Golden Era Reunion of VCU Radiology Residency Classes 1990 through 1996

The VCU Radiology Residency Classes 1990 through 1996 came together for their Golden Era Reunion weekend in Richmond. Held Oct. 12-15, 2023, more than 50 alumni representing all 7 classes relived their time as residents at VCU while also meeting with retired faculty, and current residents, staff, and faculty.

Doctor Robert Bulas in a white button up shirt holding a glass with an orange drinkDr. Robert Bulas, H'93, organized the reunion weekend with the goal of strengthening relationships and rekindling old friendships. He also wanted to create opportunities to meet with current residents and faculty, and to express gratitude to the many mentors, technologists, and nurses who left an indelible impression. 

"Spending time with some of the best human beings that I've ever known was so much fun for me...I was rejuvenated by everyone. I saw smiles all around, lots of "laughing until we were crying", a full dance floor on Saturday night, great conversations, and great food and drink all weekend long. Great friendships were reignited, and we all had a chance to thank our mentors, nurses, and technologists who taught us, tolerated us, and helped launch all of us residents into our meaningful careers in radiology. Thanks to all who attended, and for those who didn't, I wish you had been able to be there." ~ Robert Bulas, M.D., H'93

Activities included a tour of the Department's downtown clinical space, a reception to honor Dr. Mary Ann Turner, an alumni banquet, and several group excursions. From start to finish everyone enjoyed the reunion.

(Above hero image features members of the VCU Radiology Residency Classes of 1990-1996 with Drs. Ann Fulcher and Mary Ann Turner during a tour of VCU Health. Next photo features Dr. Robert  Bulas. Photos courtesy: Robert Bulas, M.D. ) 

Photos from the Reunion

Drs. Tim Pannell and Mary Ann Turner

male doctor and female doctor hugging and smiling

  Photo courtesy Robert Bulas, M.D.

Drs. James Messmer and John Roberson

Two male doctors talking sitting at a table

  Photo courtesy Jean Ashton and Sherry Elliott, VCU Department of Radiology

Drs. Gianna Blundo, Uma Prasad, and Michele Johnson

Three female doctors facing each other while standing at a reception

  Photo courtesy Jean Ashton and Sherry Elliott, VCU Department of Radiology

Drs. Steve Hall, Tim Pannell, Bert Parker, and Robert Bulas

Four male radiology alumni in button up shirts standing together smiling

  Photo courtesy Robert Bulas, M.D.

The Reunion Weekend

The Weekend Brought Many Fun Activities and Events

Out-of-state alumni who arrived Thursday started the weekend off with a get together that included the former VCU Department of Radiology Vice-Chair, Dr. Dan Henry.

Doctor Ann Fulcher wearing red jacket standing and speaking to three men and one woman in a hospital corridorFriday, alumni met at VCU Health for a tour of the VCU Department of Radiology's newly expanded downtown clinical space. The tour, led by Dr. Ann Fulcher, included 30 alumni and culminated with a walk through of the renovated VCU Health Department of Radiology and the new Interventional Radiology hybrid suite on Main 3.

The tour ended with a reception in the lobby of the VCU School of Medicine McGlothin Medical Education Center. Hosted by the VCU Department of Radiology, the reception was well attended by alumni, staff, residents, and current and retired radiology faculty.

During the reception, attendees were honored with the soft launch of the Mary Ann Turner Alumni Society, which celebrates the 48-year career of Dr. Mary Ann Turner. More information about the Society and the official 2024 launch date will be announced soon by the VCU Department of Radiology.

"It was great to see that the VCU Department of Radiology is thriving under the leadership of Dr. Fulcher. It was an honor to be at the reception for Dr. Mary Ann Turner. It was so nice to see current and former faculty, residents, fellows, nurses, technologists, and coworkers that have all made the Department so successful through the years. I owe so much to all the great teachers along the way." ~ John Roberson, M.D., H'96, F'97 

Following the reception, more than 35 alumni attended a reunion dinner at The Tobacco Company Restaurant. Those who attended the dinner shared funny stories and fond memories, and took a lot of photos.

Saturday, another wonderful day, featured a Discover Richmond Tours guided hike of the James River Park System. After the hike, alumni enjoyed a college football viewing party at The Penny Lane Pub. Later that evening, more than 52 alumni attended the 2023 VCU Residency Reunion Banquet at The Omni Hotel. The highly anticipated event featured a slideshow of photos from their time in residency, a DJ and dancing. The weekend was an enormous success with alumni leaving with sore feet and great memories.

Above photo features Dr. Ann Fulcher giving a tour of VCU Health. Photo courtesy: Robert Bulas, M.D. 

Rekindled Friendships and Lasting Impressions

Comments from Reunion Attendees

"I was overwhelmed seeing everyone, and Drs. Ann Fulcher and Mary Ann Turner are my heroes. What an amazing weekend....It was great to see everyone - a wonderful blast from what suddenly no longer felt like the past." ~ Mike Aronson, M.D., M'89, H'94, F'95

We had not seen most of our fellow residents, technologists, nurses, and attendings in 27-31 years. It was as if no time had elapsed, which is a sign of true friendships. I'm thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with such a wonderful group of people, including so many of our fabulous attendings who taught us so well and helped each of us to have successful careers as radiologists. We are forever grateful for our time and experience at VCU.” ~ Michelle Garris Roberson, M.D., H'96

"I hope everyone will stay in touch with each other and stay in touch with the VCU Department of Radiology. You have all gone in different directions, but are all exceptional, successful radiologists and equally fine and especially fun people! I am so proud of all of you." ~ Mary Ann Turner, M.D.