J. Terry Lim, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Clinical Professor

J. Terry Lim, M.D., Ph.D.

Department: Radiology

Email: jin.lim@vcuhealth.org


  • Nuclear Medicine


  • M.D. – University at Buffalo, School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, NY
  • Ph.D. – Columbia University, NY
  • Internship – Bassett Healthcare, NY
  • Residency – Emory University, GA
  • Fellowship – Emory University, GA


  • Associate Professor –Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Medicine, VA - 06/2019 - Present
  • Assistant Professor - University at Buffalo, School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, NY – 5/2016 - 5/2019


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  • Lim JTE, Galt J, Schuster DM, Barron B (2013). Abstract #586. Feasibility of localization of gastrointestinal bleeding with Tc-99m-labeled RBCs by adding a rapid SPECT/CT to standard dynamic imaging. Suppl JNM (2013): 54.2:178. SNMMI annual meeting. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Lim JTE, Malko J, Halkar R (2014). Abstract #016. Comparison of 24 hour sodium iodide-123 thyroid uptake using gamma camera versus thyroid uptake probe. ACNM/SNMMI Mid-winter meeting. Palm Springs, CA.
  • Lim JTE, Barron B, Halkar R (2015). Abstract #201507. Localization of parathyroid adenoma after administration of levothyroxine (T4). ACNM/SNMMI Mid-winter meeting. San Antonio, TX.
  • Lim JTE, Switchenko J, Manapragada P, Obidike C, Li Y, Galt JR, Nooka A, Kendi T (2016). NM229- SD-WEA2. Role of PET parameters in multiple myeloma assessment. RSNA 2016 annual meeting. Chicago, IL.


  • Lim JTE, Piazza GA, Han EK-H, Delohery TM, Li H, Finn TS, Buttyan R, Yamamoto H, Sperl G, Brendel K, Gross PH, Pamukcu R, Weinstein IB (1999). Sulindac derivatives inhibit growth and induce apoptosis in human prostate cancer cell lines irrespective of androgen-sensitivity, increased expression of bcl-2 or ability to inhibit cyclooxygenase activity. Biochem Pharmacol., 58:7:1097-1107.
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